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Non lethal shooting kit for .36'black powder percussion revolvers

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Non lethal shooting kit for .36'black powder percussion revolvers

H&C.22'' Nipples thread : M 6 x 0.75

New version allowing a very comfortable setting up and ejection of the primers.

Inside  or outside shooting system with rubber bullets.
Thanks to a .22" / 6mm Flobert blank cartridge ( 22 acorn) , the bullet reachs a velocity  of   190 m- 623 fts / sec.
Rubber bullets can be used about a hundred times.

The shooting noise is comparable to a powerfull airgun noise, so it allows  to shoot without disturb the neighborhood.
It's  also possible to use those bullets with a little bit of black powder or a piece of H&C's combustible enveloppe cartridge.

Instruction of use here

 Fits on :
-Pietta, ( Remington, Colt, Le Mat ) every years of construction. 
-Hege and  Uberti  ( but Walker et Dragoon )  made untill 1980.
(See below how to know the year of manufacture of your Italian replica)
-Rogers & Spencer  made by  Euroarms et Pedersoli ...

Carefull : this kit may not be suitable for "five shots pocket revolvers" which have sometimes too small nipple drilling !

NOTE: Can't be shipped with 22'' crimped blank  "primers" by airway or out of  European Union.

The kits delivered in the out of European Union  countries will come without primer but with 12 bullets instead of 6.

In the USA or Canada, 22'' crimped blank can be bought at a good price there: