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.22 short center fire .230 revolver CF

135,00 EUR
Full set for 5mm CF, .22 short CF, 230 Revolver CF
Full kit for:
5 mm revolver centerfire 22 short CF, 230 revolver CF full set.
Dies and tools + 25 lead  bullets + 12 reloadable brass cases +
25 SP Boxer primers + black powder measure.

Click on the photo to look at the  instructions for use.
International shipping. Without primers outside UE.

25,00 EUR
22 short CF brass cases12 x  22 short CF/ 230 revolver CF  brass cases. For small pistol primers.

International shipping

10,00 EUR
Pure lead thread. Diameter 4.7mmAllowes to die-form 100 bullets thanks to the H&C tool from the full set for 22 short CF/ 230 CF

International shipping

5,50 EUR
100  Small Pistol Boxer primers100 Small Pistol Boxer Primers

Delivery only in European Union.