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Combustible paper - large sheets

5.50 EUR
Papier hyper combustible H&C grand format .

Environ 80g/m2. Format environ 21 cm x 50 cm. Ne laisse aucun dépôt dans les chambres s’il est utilisé avec la colle H&C. Pour armes de poing ou d’épaule des calibres les plus variés. A découper selon vos besoins


Highly flamable paper

Roughly 80g/m². Size about 21x50 cm. Does not leave any residue into the chamber when used with the H&C glue. For many handgun or long gun calibers. Cut the size you need to meet your needs.

Shipping conditions:
Outside EU (ex: Canada, USA...), the paper with be delivered dampened. Allow to air dry before use.
5.50 EUR
H&C nitrocellulose glue - 30 ml

Nitrocellulose glue with very flamable residue. Use to assemble any type of  combustible envelope cartridges.

Superb adhesive power on lead and H&C  paper.
But no adhesive power on cigarette paper
Dries very quickly. Creates a protective film. Allows to fix teared paper. Used as coating, protects from bad weather. Does not let any residu into the chambers.

Its dry residue is as flamable as the H&C paper.