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.36" calibre

69.00 EUR
Full kit: .36" combustible envelope cartridge

1 brass mandrel + 100 .36" calibre H&C combustible paper shapes + 1 nitrocellulose glue tube + 1 measurement tool + 1 set of 90 bullets including 45 round nose bullets (96% lead / 4% tin) and 45 round bullets (100% lead).

Comes in a wooden box, with instructions for use.

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This item can't be export outside UE
22.00 EUR
100 round-nose bullets for .36" calibre

Casted in Mr Johannès Couturier's design of Hensley & Gibbs moulds.

These bullets are design for you to create your own combustible envelope cartridges. You can also use them as they come with black powder.
Very soft alloy, with a brighter aspect than pure lead bullets.
Calibre .376''. 114 grains / 7.43 grammes.
18.00 EUR
100 pure lead round bullets for .36"calibre

Classic 100% lead round bullets. Can be use in a combustible envelope cartridge.

Calibre: 374''. 83 grains / 5.41 grammes.
8.50 EUR
.36" calibre brass mandrel

Used to give the right shape to the H&C flamable paper and to handle the paper case when making the enveloppe cartridge.
8.50 EUR
Trial offer : 30 bullets pack for .36" calibre

30 bullets pack : 15 round-nose bullets (96% lead + 4% tin) + 15 round bullets (100% lead).
Allows you to pick the best match to make your own combustible enveloppe cartridges.

8.00 EUR
H&C highly combustible paper for .36" calibre envelope cartridges

100 ready cut paper shapes to make 100 of .36" calibre combustible envelope cartridges. Use with round-nose bullets or round bullets. Does not leave any residue into the chambers when used with the H&C glue.

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Outside EU : no shipment !
5.50 EUR
H&C nitrocellulose glue - 30 ml

Nitrocellulose glue with very flamable residue. Use to assemble any type of  combustible envelope cartridges.

Superb adhesive power on lead and H&C  paper.
But no adhesive power on cigarette paper
Dries very quickly. Creates a protective film. Allows to fix teared paper. Used as coating, protects from bad weather. Does not let any residu into the chambers.

Its dry residue is as flamable as the H&C paper.