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32 pinfire

135.00 EUR
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Full kit : 7mm Pinfire / 32 Pinfire
Non-European Union: without primers

7mm pinfire dies and tools + 12 reloadable brass cases + 12 primerholders + 12 pins + 25 lead bullets + 25 primers (percussion
caps for muzzle loaders)
In wooden box.
109.99 EUR
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For patented H&C cases with removable primerholder which make very easy to put the primer in the case and to remove
it when burned. Fixed pushing tool.
In wooden box.
30.00 EUR
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12x 7mm/32 Pinfire brass reloadable cases

12 reloadable brass cases + 12 pins + 12 removable primerholders which make so easy to put the primer in the case and to
remvove it when burned
16.00 EUR
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Trial offer for 5x 7mm/32 pinfire cartridgesNon European Union : without primers

5 brass reloadable cases + 5 pins + 5 primerholders + 5 bullets + 5 primers (percussion caps for muzzle loaders) + 1 screw
to put in / out the primerholders
Just set the bullet with a mallet; the result is good to test the cartridges and have a lot of fun! Not for competition...
15.00 EUR
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250 Primers for pinfire cartridges and Cap & ball pistols & revolvers250 per box.

Delivery only in European Union

15.00 EUR
100 lead bullets for 7mm/32 pinfire cartridges

100 spire point bullets made in Hensley&Gibbs moulds
5.50 EUR
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25x 7mm/32 pinfire lead bullets

25 bullets ( made with Hensley&Gibbs moulds).
3.80 EUR
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10 pins