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10.40mm 1874 Italian Revolver (10.35 Bodeo)

145.00 EUR
Full reloading set for 10.40mm Italian Service Revolver.

10.40mm Italian revolver dies and  tools, 25 lead bullets, 12 reloadable brass cases, 25 LP boxer primers.
In a wooden box.
OK for Glisenti, Bodeo,  1874, 1874/89,  1889. 
International shipping.  Without primers outside the EU
120.00 EUR

Manual tools for 10.4 /10.35 italian revolver. In wooden box.
International shipping.
27.50 EUR
12 brass cases for 10.40mm Italian Revolver

12 reloadable brass cases.
Case length: 19.95mm / .785''
Rim dia:  12.90mm /  .508''
Bases dia: 11.71mm / .461''
Neck dia: 10.70mm / .421''
(Can be used for 44 Webley and 442''British Revolver:  Please check the size of the chambers.)
International shipping