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100 "Primers" - 22''/6mm crimp blank ( 22'' acorn )

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100  "Primers" -  22''/6mm crimp blank ( 22'' acorn )
NOTE: Some 22''crimp blank/22'' acorn on the market are slightly larger than the standard we used for the manufacture of our                H & C .22 '' nipples. The base of these 22 acorn is marked with the letter "V" inside a triangle. They can be found in boxes of different brands, such as "Walter" or others. These cartridges are manufactured in Bosnia and Herzegovina by Pobjeda Technology. They are of perfect quality but a bit difficult to house in H & C .22 '' nimmples. They require, in fact, a pressure force a little too important to be really enjoyable use.On the other hand, the most common fabrications, sold under different brands, including "Walter", but wearing the letters "SB (Sellier & Bellot)" are very easy to chamber.
NOTE: Can't be shipped by airway or out of  European Union.
In the USA or Canada, they can be bought at a good price there: