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.36" calibre

69.00 EUR
Full kit: .36" combustible envelope cartridge1 brass mandrel + 100 .36" calibre H&C combustible paper shapes + 1 nitrocellulose glue tube + 1 measurement tool + 1 set of 90 bullets including 45 round nose bullets (96% lead / 4% tin) and 45 round bullets (100% lead).

Comes in a wooden box, with instructions for use.

Shipping conditions:
Outside EU (ex: Canada, USA...), the paper with be delivered dampened. Allow to air dry before use.

20.00 EUR
100 round-nose bullets for .36" calibreCasted in Mr Johannès Couturier's design of Hensley & Gibbs moulds.

These bullets are design for you to create your own combustible envelope cartridges. You can also use them as they come with black powder.
Very soft alloy, with a brighter aspect than pure lead bullets.
Calibre .376''. 114 grains / 7.43 grammes.

14.00 EUR
100 pure lead round bullets for .36"calibreClassic 100% lead round bullets. Can be use in a combustible envelope cartridge.

Calibre: 374''. 83 grains / 5.41 grammes.

14.00 EUR
250  Black powder pistol primersA 250 primers box to use with cap and ball revolvers.

No shipment outside the EU (European Union).

8.50 EUR
.36" calibre brass mandrelUsed to give the right shape to the H&C flamable paper and to handle the paper case when making the enveloppe cartridge.

7.00 EUR
Trial offer : 30 bullets pack for .36" calibre30 bullets pack : 15 round-nose bullets (96% lead + 4% tin) + 15 round bullets (100% lead).
Allows you to pick the best match to make your own combustible enveloppe cartridges.

6.50 EUR
H&C highly combustible paper for .36" calibre envelope cartridges100 ready cut paper shapes to make 100 of .36" calibre combustible envelope cartridges. Use with round-nose bullets or round bullets. Does not leave any residue into the chambers when used with the H&C glue.

Shipping conditions:
Outside EU (ex: Canada, USA...), the paper with be delivered dampened. Allow to air dry before use.

5.50 EUR
H&C nitrocellulose glue - 33ml tubeNitrocellulose glue with very flamable residue. Use to assemble any type of  combustible envelope cartridges.

Superb adhesive power on lead and H&C  paper.
But no adhesive power on cigarette paper
Dries very quickly. Creates a protective film. Allows to fix teared paper. Used as coating, protects from bad weather. Does not let any residu into the chambers.

Its dry residue is as flamable as the H&C paper.