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Non lethal shooting kit for .36''black powder percussion revolvers

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Non lethal shooting kit for .36''black powder percussion revolvers

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H&C.22'' Nipples thread : 12-28 UNF

Out of stock for a few days, awaiting a new version allowing a very comfortable setting up and ejection of the primers.

Inside  or outside shooting system with rubber bullets.
Thanks to a .22" / 6mm Flobert blank cartridge ( 22 acorn) , the bullet reachs a velocity  of   190 m- 623 fts / sec.
Rubber bullets can be used about a hundred times.

The shooting noise is comparable to a powerfull airgun noise, so it allows  to shoot without disturb the neighborhood.

It's  also possible to use those bullets with a little bit of black powder or a piece of H&C's combustible enveloppe cartridge. 


   Fits on :
-Uberti (but Walker et Dragoon) made  since about 1980.  (See below how to know the year of manufacture of your Italian replica)
 - Army San Marco
- Remington Pedersoli...


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