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Instructions for use : Lefaucheux pinfire cartridges

Before shooting, have tour gun checked by a gunsmith.
Use black powder ONLY.

1 ) Screw the threaded rod onto the primer holder and insert a standard primer
( black powder pistol ), the open end facing the small opening of the primer holder.

2) Push the primer holder to the bottom of the empty cartridge case and fix it in place with a pin passing through the openings in the case and the primer holder.

Before pushing the pin all the way, a spot of glue may be applied to it (many kinds of glue are suitable, however our preference at present is for "Loctite 648").

On the 9mm and 12 mm cases, the pin is a tighter fit in the case, to resist the pressure of the gases on firing. It therefore as to be put in position with more force, using a pair of pliers. No gluing is necessary

3) Unscrew the threaded rod and pour in some black powder,
leaving some space for the base of the bullet.

Warnig: from this point on, any accidental blow in the pin can set off the charge !!!

4) Put the bullet head onto the case.
Put the base of the cartridge case onto the tool base, with the pin in the slot.
Then put the sizing die (neck down ) over the whole.

5 ) Set the seating tool by seating the first cartridge with a mallet, forcing the bullet head
progressively into the case until it is shoulder deep, and only shoulder deep, in the case.

Srew the bushing down against the sizing die and fix the setting by tightening the nut.

6) Crimping: OPTIONAL.

This should only be done when, forwhatever reason, you are particulary anxious to avoid possibility of the bullet head becoming loose.

12mm Pinfire:

The crimping is done using the narrowing of the fillet (as on the 11mm 73).
With certain weapons the pin can be inhibit the rotation of the cylinder.

Nota :

In such circumstances, bend the pin backwards about 3 degrees (7mm broche)
or get it shorter with a tool ( 9mm and 12 mm pinfire).


7) Depriming.

In the bottom of the cartridge, screw the threaded rod onto the primer holder. Pull out the pin and remove the primer holder. Remove the spent primer. Don't forget to clean the case, the primer holder, and the pin (hot water and detergent).

8) Resizing : Lubricate the case before resizing.

9) Ejection : The case is ready for reloading.

Before shooting, have tour gun checked by a gunsmith.
Use black powder ONLY.