Let's bring them back to life

Custom made boxes for antique weapons


H&C's workshop propose you to cover and fit out antique boxes for your weapons.

The boxes we have usually comes from the XIXth century, and will get back to life according to your specifications. 
Our tailor made work is directly develop with you, respecting traditionnal handcrafted techniques.

Box for a Smith & Wesson n░2

Box for 3 old Colt with silk velvet.
50 €

Our cabinet maker and girdles maker, holder of an Art and Craft degree,  can operate on the boxe's structure
as much as on the exterior or interior finishing. Wood can be oak, walnut, mahogany,... or any other species.
We work with differente type of fabrics: silk velvet, cotton, or wool.

Although we always care about historical accuracy, we can personnalize every element of your boxe:
brass sheet engraved with your initials, old-fashionned label, inlaying private objects,
addition of a piece of braid, choise of the small hardware such as hinge, handle, covering button...

Therefore, every boxe is a unique model.


For a pair of Remington, box "Ó la franšaise"
with a personalized label.
850 €

Boxe for an 1873 gun with a brass handle
450 €

In order to work, we like to have the gun for which the boxe is designed. 
You can also entrust to us your antique boxes or coffrets, so we restore or refurbish them

             DISCOVER OUR CUSTOM-MADE WORK by viewing 
                   THE WORKSHOP's PICTURES

Boxe for a Daw revolver

boxe for a colt and its accessories, made "Ó la franšaise"
black and gold braid on the cushion lid.
850 €

Coffret for a 1892 gun, made with ebony
790 €
Writing case with side drawer for a Starr revolver.
1500 €